Steffen Inquiry & Collaboration Center

Mission Statement

The Inquiry & Collaboration Center is a learning environment for all students and staff to engage in inquiry, project-based learning, and collaborative problem-solving.

Steffen Inquiry & Collaboration Center

Read, Discover, Learn, Create

The Steffen Inquiry & Collaboration Center is invested in providing purposeful learning opportunities through a flexible environment.

Reflections from Steffen's best and brightest!

"I like how they changed the IMC to the ICC so we can collaborate. Now that I can talk more, I can ask others questions on work we are doing to check my understanding."

"The ICC space has made a positive impact on our learning and teaching because there is more space for us to interact as students."

"The new ICC space has given me an opportunity to spread out within my class.  Thus, making my learning experience more personalized and fine-tuned to recognize each student’s needs, as well as the whole group’s needs."